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In school Welsh is used everyday (pob dydd). When the  children want something we encourage them to ask in Welsh. When the children have to follow an instruction, it is usually given in Welsh. This is to encourage the children to become bilingual.

Parents often tell us that that their child speaks a great deal of Welsh at home but as they are not Welsh speakers themselves, they would like some guidance on the sorts of patterns and phrases they could use at home. 

On this page we will try to include as many of the language patterns that we use in class so that you can help your child to speak Welsh at home if you so wish.

Each week we will be working on a Welsh sentence pattern in class to help us develop our use of Welsh and to become bilingual. 

  Look out for our:

'Patrwm yr Wythnos'

We hope you will find these pages useful. 


Patrwm yr Wythnos

Our current pattern is ... 

Beth ydy dy enw di?


_______ ydw i.

Faint ydy dy oed di?

Dw i'n _____ oed.

Fi fy hun / Myself

Pwy wyt ti?

Beth ydy dy enw di?  

Abbi ydw i .

Dyma ...

Dyma'r ...


Faint ydy dy oed di?

Dw i'n ... oed.


Ble wyt ti'n byw?

Beth ydy dy gyfeiriad di?

Dw i'n byw yn ...


Beth ydy dy rif ffon di?

01234:- 987654

Who are you?

What is your name?

I am Abbi.

Here is / are ...

Here is the / are the ...


How old are you?

I am ... years old.


Where do you live?

What is your address?

I live in ...


What is your phone number?

01234:- 98765


Asking where people / things are and answering

Ble mae ... ?  

Dyma ...  

Dyma'r ...

Ble mae Abbi?

Where is ... ?

Here is ...

Here is the / are the ...

Dyma Abbi.


Asking for things

Ga i ... os gwelwch yn dda?


Na Chei 

Ga i bensil.

Ga i siocled.

Ga i greision.

May I have ... please?

Yes, you may.

No, you may not.

May I have a pensil.

May I have chocolate.

May I have crisps.


Teimladau / Feelings

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n da iawn diolch.

Dw i'n hapus, diolch. 

Dw i'n drist.

Dw i wedi blino.

Dw i'n grac. 


Beth sy'n bod?

Mae pen dost gyda fi.

Mae bola dost gyda fi.

O druan bach!

How are you?

I'm very well. thank you.

I am happy, thank you.

I am sad.

I am tired.

I am angry.


What is the matter?

I have got a headache.

I have got a bad tummy.

Oh poor thing!


Y Tywydd / The Weather

 Sut mae tywydd?

What is the  weather like?

Mae hi'n heulog. - It is sunny.

Mae hi'n bwrw glaw. - It is raining.  

Mae hi'n gymylog. - It is cloudy. 

Mae hi'n braf. - It is fine.

Mae hi'n bwrw eira - It is snowing.

Mae hi'n oer. - It is cold.

Mae hi'n wyntog. - It is windy.

Mae hi'n niwlog. - It is foggy.

Mae hi'n stormus. - It is stormy.     

Ydy hi'n oer? - Is it cold?

Ydy / Nag ydy - Yes it is / No it is not.

  Sut oedd y tywydd?

What was the weather like?

Roedd hi'n heulog. - It was sunny.

Roedd hi'n bwrw glaw. - It was raining.

Roedd hi'n gymylog. - It was cloudy.

Roedd hi'n braf. - It was fine.

Roedd hi'n bwrw eira. - It was snowing.

Roedd hi'n oer. - It was cold.

roedd hi'n wyntog. - It was windy.

Roedd hi'n niwlog. - It was foggy.

Roedd hi'n stormus. - It was stormy.

Oedd hi'n oer? - Was it cold?

Oedd / Nag oedd - Yes it was / No it was not


Amser y Dydd / Times of the day

Bore da - Good morning

Noswaith da - Good evening

Beth yw'r amser? - What is the time? 

Mae hi'n amser ... - It is time for ...

tacluso - tidy up

cinio - dinner

chwarae - play

mynd adre - to go home

i mynd i'r ysgol - to go to school

Prynhawn da - Good afternoon

Nos da - Good night

llaeth a dwr - milk and water  

ffrwythau - fruit

darllen - read

brecwast - breakfast

te - tea

swper - supper

gwely - bed


Dillad / Clothes

Beth wyt ti'n wisgo?

Dw i'n gwisgo ....       

Beth mae e'n wisgo?

Mae e'n wisgo ...         

Beth mae hi'n wisgo?

Mae hi'n gwisgo ...

Wyt ti'n gwisgo ...?

Ydw / Nac ydw 


sgert - skirt

ffrog - dress

siwmper - jumper

trowsus - trousers

jins - jeans

crys T - T shirt

crys - shirt

What are you wearing?

I am wearing ...

What is he wearing?

He is wearing ...

What is she wearing?

She is wearing ...

Are you wearing ...?

Yes I am / No I am not.


cot - coat

siaced - jacket

menig - gloves

siwt nofio - swimsuit

sannau - socks

esgidiau - shoes

treinyrs - trainers


Lliwiau / Colours

Pa lliw? 

coch - red

melyn - yellow

oren - orange

gwyrdd - green

porffor - purple

glas - blue

Which colour?

pinc - pink

du - black

gwyn - white

llwyd - grey

brown - brown



Rhifau / Numbers

 1 - un

 2 - dau

 3 - tri

 4 - pedwar

 5 - pump

 6 - chwech

 7 - saith

 8 - wyth

 9 - nau

10 - deg

11 - un deg un

12 - un deg dau

13 - un deg tri

14 - un deg pedwar

15 - un deg pump

16 - un deg chwech

17 - un deg saith

18 - un deg wyth

19 - un deg nau

20 - dau ddeg

 10 - deg

 20 - dau ddeg

 30 - tri deg

 40 - pedwar deg

 50 - pum deg

 60 - chwe deg

 70 - saith deg

 80 - wyth deg

 90 - nau deg

100 - cant


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